10 ways to save money on your compressor installation in 2021

Michael Pingram


A few examples of the money we saved for some of our customers 

Food & beverage customer = £44K

Building products customer = £16K

Chemical plants customer = £14k

Paper products customers = £7K

Automotive customer = £22K

Plastics customer = £27K

Please note that the savings achieved are not related to a particular type of industry. 

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I'm Michael Pingram, one of the product specialists at Atlas Copco. In this video, I will give you top tips on how to save money on your compressor installation

I have been helping companies just like yours make considerable savings on their compressor installation costs. In this video you will  learn:

  •  How to reduce unloaded running hours to optimise energy efficiency
  • How to eliminate air leaks that are potentially costing you a significant amount of money 
  • How to choose the correct size and type of compressor to ensure you don't incur increased costs due to wasted energy
  • How to use heat recovery to make best use of your compressor energy and save even more money and CO2 footprint!
  • And much more